CODE: 8.07/5.57.3589

Sistema Autónomo de Medición, Predicción y Alerta en la Bahía de Algeciras

CHIEF RESEARCHERJesús García Lafuente
FUNDERAutoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Algeciras (APBA)apba-logo.png
DURATION2010 - 2013
  • José Carlos Sánchez Garrido
  • Antonio Sánchez Roman
  • Cristina Naranjo Rosa
  • Javier Soto Navarro
  • Simone Sammartino
  • Javier Delgado Cabello

    SAMPA project is aimed to implement an operational oceanography system of the Algeciras Bay in the Strait of Gibraltar, which includes the numerical prediction (3 days horizon) and the maintenance of an on-line observational network of the area. The project is led by the Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahia de Algeciras APBA (Algeciras Bay Port Authority) and Puertos del Estado.
    GOFIMA responsability within SAMPA is the implementation of the oceanic model (MIT-gcm) of the area, which covers a great deal of Gulf of Cadiz in the Atlantic and the whole Alboran Sea in the Mediterranean side of the trait, respectively. Special atention is paid to the monitoring and circulation forecast of the Algeciras Bay in order to provide with useful tools to APBA, which must give solution to the frequent alerts that stem from the heavy maritim traffic of the area and the often harsh meteorological conditions. The model output is a full 3D, high resolution fields (in the order of few hundred meters horizontal resolution) of velocity, temperature, salinity and sea level. Some examples of the model performance are shown below.


    Temperatura superficial en el Estrecho de Gibraltar y el Mar de Alborán (Septiembre-Noviembre de 2011)

    Velocidad superficial en el Estrecho de Gibraltar y el Mar de Alborán (Septiembre-Noviembre de 2011)

    Velocidad superficial en la Bahía de Algeciras (Septiembre-Octubre 2011)

    The project has been satisfactorily finalized at the end of 2012, slightly before the established time, and its results publicly presented in different occasions in February and March 2013 (see for instance or or and currently is functioning in operational mode ( or
    Results concerning the part of the Oceanic model can be consulted in the document "Informe final".


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